Injection Therapy

Many patients are advised to receive injection therapy in order to fight their MS. This type of medication is injected under the skin or into muscle and can reduce the frequency and severity of relapses. Some medicines cannot be given by mouth because chemical action of the enzymes and digestive fluids would change or reduce their effectiveness, or because they would be removed from the body too quickly to have any effect. Occasionally a medication is injected so that it will act more quickly.

One of the most popular drugs taken via injection is Avonex (interferon beta-1a) and can be taken in 3 different ways: using the Avonex Pen, by prefilled syringe or by a powder form that is mixed with liquid and injected subcutaneously. The first injection is always performed by the doctor, but thereafter, it is up to the patient or a care giver to perform the injections at home.

Your doctor will be sure to thoroughly explain how to properly perform an injection before sending a patient on their way. It is important to always rotate injection sites, because if the same site is used too often hard lumps or extra fat deposits will develop.

Most Notable Drugs Taken Via Injection

Choosing Injection Site

Side Effects May Include